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The #1 botting service
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Our support team is around 24/7 to help you with your needs.


XGen has 100% working bots which are all up to date.


The botting service is possible for every server you can imagine. Premium to cracked servers. Everything is inclueded

XGen Botting Service

The whole process is controlled by Suheyl he made it so each customer can get exactly what he wants.


XGen Support

Our support system it set so each person who needs help can get what they need without any trouble although it can take from 10 min to 1 hour to get a response.

Purchasing Our packages

Incredibly simple; when you want to buy our products, you simply contact him on one of the options given down below. After you wrote him he will reply to you in the next 10 to 60 minutes, after that you will pay him the money via paypal or paysafecard and he will do the job.



Watch out every tuesday and friday we do huge sales!!!

Level I

12 €

You only pay once
  • Wins: 100
  • Ingame commands: None
  • 24x7 Support

Level II

22 €

You only pay once
  • Wins: 250
  • Ingame commands: /wdr, /f, /p
  • 24x7 Support

Level III

32 €

You only pay once
  • Wins: 500
  • Ingame commands: Every command possible
  • 24x7 Support


The whole process is custom. If you want to buy one of the packages you need to contact me. You can contact me with one of the given options down below.

you just contact me with the sentence: "Im interested in purchasing one of youre products." So i know you read this.

NOTE: Payments are only possible with paypal or paysafecard.

Contact me

# Option Name/Number Reply time
1 Skype suheyl999 30m
2 WhatsApp +49 176 28397715 25m
3 Discord XPRossCenter#2773 30m
4 Facebook http://v.ht/XCFB 60m
5 Twitter http://v.ht/XCTW 60m
6 Instagram http://v.ht/XCIG2 15m